Momosusan was founded in 2018 and it is focus on style of fashion and comfortable. We are a website with a very complete range of denim products. Designed jeans and other products will vary with the season. Momosusan based on high quality, people feel comfortable and relaxed.

A pants full of independent tailoring design can be enough to show the style of fashion and comfortable. At the same time, material and weaving are also very important. Different materials can change the idea of ​​the design and its use.

In the future, we aim to provide better clothing for the world and contribute to environmental protection. We will restless pursuit for quality. Each piece of clothing is handcrafted by workers with the most precise sewing and work. The clothing is then put together and packaged with care. All items go through a number of inspections for quality before it is ever sent out. Our workers care about the quality of the clothing and will put in 100% of their effort to provide the best quality for our customers.